Headoffice of the Trofa Saúde Group

Grow has started the construction of the headoffice of the Trofa Saúde group. The new headoffice is integrated in Gaiart’s Plaza Centrum, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. A space composed by several buildings where the Private Hospital of Gaia currently operates. It will be the Red Tower, the building dedicated to the offices and administration, of the various companies that make up the group, wether in the area of health, clothing or confection among others. The intervention of Grow is developed by several floors from 0, floor 2 to floor 12 in an area of approximately 10.000m2 where it will perform the most diverse works of infrastructures and finishes. The short execution time, of only five months, together with the great diversity of specialties and foreseen works, demands of GROW a great effort of preparation, coordination and dedication.