Vision, Mission and Values


To leave a mark on great works. To be a reference in construction and engineering’s areas. Ensure the satisfaction and trust of our customers.


To grow in a sustained way over the world, optimising our performance in terms of quality, cost and schedule. To design and to build relevant works in a healthy and sustained environment. To create value and to contribute to the social and economic development of the countries where we operate.


The quality of the work, meeting deadlines and the final customer satisfaction are vectors orienting the GROW’s activity.

Values that move us:


Ambition of growing sustainably, of overcoming challenges and of setting new goals.


To concretise differently, allowing the presentation of technically appropriate solutions and economically more favourable.


We wish to create sustained economic value in relation with the ethic and trust in mid and long-term, without ever compromising the principles that guide us.


We honour our commitments. We are consistent and coherent. The long experience of our team makes our customers, suppliers and partners’ recognition stronger.

Social Responsibility

To contribute to the improvement of the communities and markets where we are in, promoting environmentally responsible business practices.

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